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Christene Ledoux - Grand Prize Winner & Country/Folk Category Winner
Christene's Song "The Entertainer" has won first place in this year's contest, as well as being the Country/Folk category winner.

Christene wrote:

"Dear Andelle Family & Friend's,

I am so completely honored to have been given not only
First Place in the folk/country category but the Grand Prize!
Wow...thank you so much for choosing me!

I make, live & breathe my art so completely that to be chosen is
a wonderful gift to me. Knowing the music I create and sing
is touching people's lives, is 100% why I do this.
I am driven by an insatiable need to connect with people and tell
the stories I feel sometimes would not otherwise be told.
I also share this honor with the wonderful souls I have been
fortunate enough to meet along my journeys...and who without, I would
have no words to sing.
Thank you so much for believing in me".

  Gail Swanson - Rock/Pop Category Winner
Gail's song "Couple In The Corner" has won the Rock/Pop category in this year's contest.

Checkout Christene's site and her latest CD "Little Lighthouse"


Checkout Gail's site and her latest CD "Living In A Movie"


Gail Comments:
"Dear Andy and the Andelle Music Family,

Songs are such personal things, and when Andelle picked the one closest to my gigging heart, I was so thankful! I live the story of this song over and over again, and the message is "Whatever you do, if you touch at least one person... then it's all worth it." I'm so Thankful that my song touched you guys - Thank you so much for choosing "Couple in the Corner." Validations like this are very inspiring! :)

P.S. I surfed around the web and listened to as many finalists as I could find, and I don't know HOW you narrowed it down to a few winners - they were all outstanding songs! "The entertainer" is absolutely beautiful - congratulations Christene"

"Last Snow In Nashville" by Louie Cate Country/Folk

"You Are Sunlight" - Andy Littlewood Rock/Pop

Honourable Mentions:
Country/Folk Category

"Put A Hold On You" by Louie Cate
"Half A Heart" by Gail Swanson

Rock/Pop Category
"Here In My Heart" by Karen Jacobsen
"Someone" by Nicky Saleeba
"Don't Say" by Samantha ODell

A Big "Thanks" to all that entered - Andelle Music